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Attitudes to CA Gen in 2019

As technology evolves, so do attitudes to legacy systems, especially those which continue to underpin mission critical, enterprise-wide systems. Jumar, a global leader in CA Gen, investigates how views towards the tool have changed, if at all, in the last 5 years.

Five years after Jumar surveyed views of the CA Gen community, this document revisits that study, comparing today’s attitudes to the technology to those of 2014.


Bots that code- the continuous modernisation playbook

Written by Jumar’s partner, Codebots, this book is designed to address the key challenges faced by medium to large enterprises that have many software systems including off-the-shelf and custom software applications. It covers the strategies, tactics and activities that reduce the risks of modernising these systems and uncovers how the use of bots that code could be used to support development teams in continuously modernising them. Designed to address common challenges across organisations within diverse industries, codebots could be used to code up to 90% of a codebase. This book not only covers how these could be employed but highlights how their value can be maximised.

This book offers:
– CEOs and business managers a broader understanding of the role software systems can play in an organisation.
– CTOs and IT managers food for thought when making decisions around the technologies being employed to meet the organisational strategy

Technology stakeholders e.g. designers, software engineers, business analysts, project managers, etc. that are involved in software projects considering how they can continually improve.


Modernising CA Gen systems: What’s another year?

A whitepaper investigating the risks in delaying your CA Gen modernisation strategy.


Agile Automated whitepaper

A whitepaper on the Agile Methodology


Attitudes towards CA Gen in 2014

A whitepaper detailing the results of our survey into the views of CA Gen users.


Automated transition of 3270 applications to the web

CA Gen models which are the source for 3270 CA Gen applications require extensive change if they are to be modernised. Application modernisation requires splitting monolithic procedures into separate clients and servers – a non-trivial task that needs to be performed on every single Block Mode procedure – and also usually involves creating new web (or GUI) interfaces, and/or exposing functionality as services for integration with other applications and packages. This whitepaper looks at how this move to the cloud can be automated.


Your future with CA Gen: Three steps to your sleep at night strategy

A whitepaper detailing a three-point strategy to making your CA Gen implementation more flexible.


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