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Written by Jumar’s partner, Codebots, this book is designed to address the key challenges faced by medium to large enterprises that have many software systems including off-the-shelf and custom software applications.  It covers strategies, tactics and activities that can reduce the risks of modernising these systems and uncovers how the use of bots that code could be used to support development teams in continuously modernising their technology.  Tackling common challenges across organisations within diverse industries, codebots could be used to code up to 90% of a codebase.  This book not only covers how these could be employed but highlights how their value can be maximised.

This book offers:

  • CEOs and business managers a broader understanding of the role software systems can play in an organisation.
  • CTOs and IT managers food for thought when making decisions around the technologies being employed to meet organisational strategy
  • Technology stakeholders e.g. designers, software engineers, business analysts, project managers, etc. that are involved in software projects considering how they can continually improve.

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bots that code- the modernisation playbook