“We particularly liked Jumar’s own strategic plans…we saw real synergies between their offering and our own and the way we wanted to take our own digital transformation for the future.”

Simon Swallow, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, Shipowners’ Club

After 5 years of working together on digital projects, and a successful launch of a new policy management system, the partnership was formalised with Shipowners’ Club acquiring a 33% stake in Jumar’s parent company, Jumar Holdings Limited.

The Shipowners’ Club insures more than 33,000 vessels across the world and has provided Protection & Indemnity (P&I), Legal Costs Cover and associated insurances for 160 years.

“We have expertise in insurance, claims, loss prevention and in finance but we were acutely aware of the need to embrace technology and move forward with technology. The reason that we’ve acquired a stake in Jumar is for that capability.”

Mark Hamblin, CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, Shipowners’ Club

The partnership allows both organisations to drive innovation in the field of Insurtech as well as ensuring certainty of support and change delivery around core platforms.

“We share a strong foundation, within both organisations, to make a significant advancement in insurtech.”

Wendy Merricks, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Jumar Holdings Ltd

It is this shared vision, combined with the passion for IT as a key business enabler, that will underpin the relationship and help to drive growth and innovation within both companies.

If you’d like to discuss how we could work together to implement effective technology solutions for your business, contact us here.



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