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In the past, the question of buying versus building an IT solution was framed as a decision between advantages for building (e.g. control, differentiation, and lower long-term costs), and those of buying (e.g. rapid implementation, roadmap developments, and lower short-term costs).

Another consideration was around risk – both sides would argue their approach is less risky. However, we all know that all IT projects are risky (they just have different risks). And of course, IT governance is critical to manage delivery risks.

Traditionally, the economics meant that for complicated business systems, the cost and risks of building a solution was a massive barrier protecting established software vendors.

Today the world is different – the emergence of cloud-based platform providers, coupled with sophisticated open-source ecosystems has changed the equation. To misquote Isaac Newton, “If we can build more it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.

Sophisticated capabilities from elegant user interfaces, resilient and adaptable hosting infrastructure, massively scalable databases, uninhibited connectivity, and subtle artificial intelligence are not just readily available – they are affordable for all businesses.

Building on them incrementally, and following best practice agile techniques, provides a low-risk way to create truly differentiating business systems.

A large part of my, and my team’s role at Jumar, is to provide companies with the ‘know-how’ to make this happen.

Adrian Sutherland – Chief Technology Officer – Jumar Technology

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