Jumar’s architecture practice assists on standalone architecture engagements, such as system reviews, to deliver a recommended architectural approach, but also provide architectural support to larger end-to-end delivery projects.

Our approach allows us to gain a thorough understanding of your organisation’s business environment, processes and requirements.


The Jumar approach to architecture

Jumar’s proven approach is adapted depending on business need but, broadly, comprises four typical stages:

  1. After reviewing the relevant product and process documentation and gaining a good understanding of the business direction, the project is initiated with an agreed scope.
  2. Next, the existing architecture is carefully considered along with relevant applications, data, interfaces and other key technologies.
  3. Then the system architecture requirements are closely analysed. The practice considers the key functional capabilities your organisation needs as well as requirements around performance, security, data etc.
  4. Finally, a key deliverable is the report which documents the target architecture and the business benefits it will deliver.

What makes Jumar’s architecture services unique?

Adaptable approach

Jumar’s approach is adaptable to each scenario. We’re agile enough to conduct short-notice engagements whilst tapping into the breadth of skill within our ecosystem to mobilise larger projects.

Technology agnostic

We are technology agnostic. We’re not trying to push particular products and this means we can use the best tools available to align with your business.

Flexible engagements

We understand that your needs are unique and we have structured our engagement models to adapt to your requirements.

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Jumar Technology can provide a complete team to manage your project from inception to completion, or, use only the resources you require via our Architecture-as-a-Service offering.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to augment your own capability, Jumar’s recruitment business can work with you to grow your team and find talented IT professionals.

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