At Jumar, we believe that a company’s values shouldn’t be just a list of platitudes. That’s why we have thought long and hard about what we stand for, and what it means in reality.

Our values can be summarised into four categories:


People: We never lose sight that our staff, customers and candidates are individuals – not commodities

Empathy: We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and strive to understand individual needs

Honesty: We have an open and transparent culture, where managers act with integrity when dealing with staff and clients

Pride: We want our staff, associates and partners to be proud that they are part of the Jumar family – and are passionate about the company and its offerings


The Jumar values

Jumar is a people-centric company.

We have grown from a family business into a major presence in the IT market, but are committed to maintaining our long-standing ethos of looking after people – whether they be staff, candidates or clients.

Our recruitment division recognises the importance of high standards and honest relationships in the recruitment industry, and we strive to ensure that standards – not only those of Jumar, but also of our industry – are upheld at all times.

Our IT Solutions division works on some of the world’s most mission-critical IT systems. We strive never to lose sight of the trust that is placed in us by our clients, and ensure that our processes, policies, procedures – and most importantly, deliverables – are robust enough to maintain high levels of quality, whilst collaborating and innovating due to rapidly changing business needs.

Our staff know that their Management and Board Teams are always accessible, and we foster a culture of openness and transparency in all areas of the business. On a more personal level, we want to ensure that our staff are supported, engaged, motivated – but also that they have fun at work, and never dread Monday mornings.

We believe that motivated staff provide a better service to our clients, and feel they are part of the company’s success. We’re proud of what we do, what we achieve, and how we achieve it – and we want everyone to know. Anyone is welcome to visit our offices to meet us at first hand to see how these values are maintained.

We’re looking for ambitious people, like you, to join us at this key stage in Jumar’s growth.

If you’re interested in joining us on this journey, check out our Careers page.