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This solution helps organisations reduce maintenance costs, create operational efficiencies and provides peace of mind with managed services to suit. Jumar’s expert consultancy team will also help you consider ‘what’s next’ for your transformation.

Online, telephone and onsite support services

Technology support teams often become inundated with requests for assistance across a multitude of diverse applications. Keeping up to speed with all of these and the latest developments is not only time consuming but come at a cost. Furthermore, these influxes not only take longer to resolve but prevent time being dedicated to your digital transformation projects.

Jumar’s solution removes these daily challenges by providing a manged service to support your business. Support options can be tailored to your requirements and include online, telephone, and onsite support services.

Our consultants will work to improve the current service to your business, and help you consider your transformation options moving forward.

With managed services, you can:

  • Helps your staff quickly resolve technical issues and carryout unfamiliar procedures
  • Reduces workload pressures on a limited staffing pool
  • Lessens the need for continuous training
  • Supports your business 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Delivered in a form that suits your business needs
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Creates operational efficiencies
  • Achieve superior performance levels
  • Helps plan for the future and obtain key stakeholder buy-in

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