LPTOM delivers predictive and proactive loss prevention that drives improved bottom line performance for non-life insurers.  This highly flexible and configurable solution orchestrates and analyses the widest range of data across the entire insurance value chain.

preventing insurance losses

Today’s insurance marketplace is evolving. Thanks to new business practices and innovative technology, insurers now have the tools and techniques to help them reduce growing insurance claim numbers and their associated costs, tightening legislation and heightened customer expectations. By moving away from loss control to loss prevention, insurers can identify, understand and assess risks before a claim takes place. They can then take the necessary steps to protect their profit margin and retain customers.

Working closely with industry experts, Jumar’s LPTOM, streamlines traditional loss reduction activities and provides instant real-time insight; this drives improvements in pricing strategies and the risks underwritten whilst delivering greater operational efficiencies.

Key Benefits

  • Identify common risk areas to drive risk management and loss prevention initiatives
  • Create risk profiles of your customers to manage your risk portfolio
  • Enhance your underwriting and pricing capabilities with data driven insight
  • Reduce incidents and severity of claims thanks to real-time identification of risk
  • Improve workflow and gain operational efficiencies through effective team management
  • Access previously inaccessible data across the entire value chain
  • Increase client retention through greater interaction, reducing potential business disruptions and helping them to understand their risk profile

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LPTOM- reducing potential insurance claims