Jumar’s SAaaS offering supports your organisation through the provision of highly-skilled Solution Architects within a tailored engagement. It ensures a high quality, cost-effective service, that exceeds expectations.

Solutions Architecture as a Service provides:

  • Consultancy on your project
  • Mentoring for your Architecture team
  • Access to a wider Jumar project team

Would you benefit from a SAaaS arrangement?

Solutions Architecture as a Service works particularly well for organisations that have

  • A lack of available Architecture skills
  • Challenges with delivery method
  • An immature team not utilising industry best-practises
  • A high turnover of staff

The Jumar approach to architecture


Jumar’s proven approach is adapted depending on business need but, broadly, comprises four typical stages:

  1. After reviewing the relevant product and process documentation and gaining a good understanding of the business direction, the project is initiated with an agreed scope.
  2. Next, the existing architecture is carefully considered along with relevant applications, data, interfaces and other key technologies.
  3. Then the system architecture requirements are closely analysed. The practice considers the key functional capabilities your organisation needs as well as requirements around performance, security, data etc.
  4. Finally, a key deliverable is the report which documents the target architecture and the business benefits it will deliver.

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