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Jumar’s Business Analysis (BA) service ensures compliance and the use of industry standard methods, practices, and tools to enable businesses to compare and align itself to competitors, and the wider industry as a whole. Jumar provides consultancy and support on best use of structured frameworks, creating efficiencies for your business.

By utilising our BAs ability to ‘Review and Optimise’ within an organisation, we can create and build upon ways of working to provide a significant increase in efficiency, quality, and greatly increase cost effectiveness of a client’s development activity.


Our BAs are skilled in providing a mentoring service as needed to support and improve internal BA skills. With onsite mentoring you have one of the most effective and efficient ways of transferring the skills and experience required of client resources, so they support future business needs of the client. Coupled with the tooling to support and manage a repository of all your analysis artefacts, an organisation will have a clear picture of where they were, are, and want to be to ensure they are moving toward their desired operating model.

Confidence in your desired outcomes:

By working with Jumar’s experienced and highly skilled Business Analysts, the client can have greater confidence in desired outcomes, due to the expert application of proven Business Analysis techniques and extensive multi domain knowledge. Aligned with this our BA’s are able to provide Agile coaching for Management. The environment under which an Agile delivery can be successfully executed, is only found where there is support within an organisation’s Senior Management.  To achieve this, Jumar can provide experienced Agile Coaching to ensure the ‘Agile Mindset’ is understood and adopted. Under the guidance of Jumar’s Agile coaches, an organisation can see Business Value being delivered and realised quickly, using fewer resources, and of a higher quality.


Supporting these skillsets, our Analysts can ensure the governance of the activities, establishing robust, efficient and effective processes. This in turn allows decisions to be made in a timely manner while providing accountability and transparency.

By embedding Jumar Business Analysts into existing analysis teams, through mentoring, skills transfer, and instilling greater confidence in team capabilities, the effectiveness and expertise of existing resources will increase, leaving a legacy that will persist in the future.

Would you benefit from a Business Analysis services?

This service works particularly well for organisations that have:

  • A lack of available BA skills
  • Challenges with delivery method
  • An immature team not utilising industry best-practises
  • A high turnover of staff


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