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The Risk Management Platform streamlines traditional loss reduction activities and provides real-time insight, driving improvements in pricing strategies and the risks being underwritten, whilst delivering greater operational efficiencies.
Risk Management Platform for insurers

At Jumar we differentiate ourselves with a unique balance of user-centric design coupled with excellent engineering and delivery governance.

User Experience (UX) has been key in the evolution of the platform, with dynamic role-centric screens and workflows being made available on and offline across multiple device formats. Such contextual design supports the widespread adoption of the platform and increases end-user efficiency and satisfaction – so allowing the business value of the platform to be realised, accelerating the Return On Investment.

The platform provides the core capabilities for any Risk Management function off the shelf, but every organisation’s differentiators in their area of the market will drive customisation and integration needs. These needs will be delivered rapidly, iteratively, and safely using Jumar’s proven delivery processes.

It enables you to:


Risk Management Platform Business Benefits


Jumar Technology works closely with the insurance market to continually add new and innovative functionality to our Risk Management Platform. If you would like to know more about our platform and its features or to request a demonstration, contact us.

Risk Management Platform


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