When investing in permanent IT staff for your business, we know there is no room for error. That’s why we take time getting to know your requirement, and your business, inside-out before shortlisting candidates.

This level of knowledge and empathy is greatly enhanced by Jumar, itself, being a technology company, which delivers a range of IT outcomes on a daily basis to clients across a variety of industry sectors. This adds great credibility to our permanent recruitment offering, differentiating Jumar from generalist recruiters, as well as the vast majority of other specialist IT resourcing providers.


Our in-house IT delivery professionals are always on hand to add an unparalleled layer of technical expertise to the recruitment process, from initial requirement-gathering, through to interviewing and competency testing.

Our proven approach to recruitment has resulted in many long-standing relationships with organisations of all sizes and across many sectors, who are looking to achieve…

  • an effective, long-term recruitment strategy
  • an end-to-end recruitment process
  • a lower attrition rate
  • a process of continual improvement
  • a reduction in required management involvement
  • hard and soft cost savings


But it’s not just the technical skills, our team of recruiters (many have more than 10 years expertise) never forget the importance that the successful candidate will effectively become a part of your business. We only select candidates with the right mindset who see your role as a career opportunity that matches their skills and aspirations. This results in a much more motivated employee.

This approach is underpinned by a range of value-added recruitment enhancements including ThomasTM candidate profiling and video interviewing to ensure the perfect candidate fit.

Finding the right new hire

Jumar's psychometric assessments add a further layer of science to the recruitment and interview process, by analysing aspects of a candidate that a face-to-face meeting simply cannot.

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