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A smooth path to modernise legacy systems is possible with the right approach, reducing support costs and modelling proven paths to success.

Legacy applications can restrict business performance and agility. The cost of maintaining such systems can severely compromise strategic investments in critical areas impacting the ability to compete in a rapidly changing world.

Although Jumar is the global leader in automated migration from CA Gen systems, our clients will often default to focusing on technology detail. This is usually driven by the desire to positively align to the organisation’s development strategy – that is, migration to Cobol, Java, C#, etc. However, we advise that organisations approach such initiatives at the holistic level – considering; alignment to core business outcomes, laser focused discovery exercises, risk containment and, critically, enabling the business to continue and grow while any transformation programme is in play.

CA Gen systems are typically, by default, business critical and encapsulate ‘business core functionality’ – anything ‘core’ cannot be considered in isolation. Our forensic impact analysis on other applications and business areas is supported by our proven and unique analysis tooling – and our proprietary migration process looks to balance risk, cost and speed with the business level goals before embarking on delivery.

Though we have a global track record of successful large-scale CA Gen system transformations and migrations, the reality is they can be complex and multi-year propositions. Co-existence during such a programme is key – and to enable this we can transition support and maintenance of the existing applications to our global CA Gen support centre, supported by our proven transition processes and proprietary tooling. With BAU in hand, the transformation and migration roadmap will then be tailored to your precise needs – de-risked by our 20 years of CA Gen transformation experience. Your IT teams are able to focus on the transformation, accelerated and facilitated by our proven transformation tooling.

Jumar Technology has unique skills in supporting and modernising complex legacy systems. Our transformation service brings into focus the opportunities and risk of change, the optimal approach relevant to your organisation and the benefits that a predictable and manageable outcome will deliver.

If you would like further information on our CA Gen support, modernisation and migration capabilities, or to know about our other legacy modernisation solutions contact us.

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