Business Analysis defines the future. 

Jumar’s BA function is set up to understand how your organisation functions and define the capabilities your organisation requires.

Typical engagements see our Business Analysts tasked with:

  1. Understanding the need for business change
  2. Assessing the business impact of those changes
  3. Capturing, analysis and documenting requirements
  4. Supporting the communication and delivery of requirements with relevant stakeholders.


Ensure business benefits from IT projects

An important part of the BA role is to challenge proposed solutions and requirements being put forward, to ensure they provide the maximum business benefit possible. This is crucial to ensure a business invests in the right solutions, at the right time.



Jumar’s BA function relies on a high degree of communication to understand what your business requires, and to relay the requirements back to you and all stakeholders.

Our skilled Business Analysts are able to communicate with all levels, from discussing high-level business details to senior management, to the low-level solutions nuances with developers and testers.


The Jumar way

Jumar takes the view that the client’s needs are of the highest priority. We aim to provide the best service we possibly can to ensure a successful outcome for your business.

In today’s world, business needs can change very rapidly, and Jumar’s structure enables timely reactions to these changes. We promote the adoption of Agile practices in everything we do, which enables us to be both responsive and decisive in engagements.


Jumar practices

There are a number of other functions that run alongside the BA practice within Jumar, such as Architecture, Development, Project Management and PMO.

We are structured to be highly collaborative, fostering constant communication and streamlined working – without which we would not be as effective as we are, and deliver the results we do.


Business Analysis as a Service

The ‘as a Service’ offering provides a team which delivers such value from day one, using the best tooling, process and leaving a legacy of best practice.

Jumar's Integrated Service Offering

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