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SharePoint 2010 workflow retirement

Wednesday July 22nd, 2020

In Microsoft’s continual drive to deliver greater productivity tools across Office 365, they have been investing heavily in their power platform.  Power Automate, part of the platform, is designed to automate processes across Microsoft’s suite of solutions as well as third-party applications. As a result of this new focus, Microsoft have announced that they will… Read more »

Avoid IT project failures- Project & programme management

Wednesday July 15th, 2020

As pressure rises to offer new and existing products and services anytime, anywhere, organisations are often required to undergo enterprise-level digital transformations to cater for these needs.  These projects are often lengthy, complex and expensive to achieve as well as carrying significant risk to organisations. Should budgeting or development timescales overrun, it could cause catastrophic… Read more »

Questions to ask before outsourcing development

Monday June 29th, 2020

8 Questions to ask an outsource development services provider: In the coming years, 70% of companies are going to outsource more(1).  However, once the decision has been made to outsource development, the next step is to consider which providers should be approached to carry out the work.  Below, are eight key questions that organisations should… Read more »

9 Reasons to use Enterprise and Solution Architecture Services

Thursday June 25th, 2020

9 Reasons to use Enterprise and Solution Architecture Services With fast, continuously evolving technology and marketplace demands, there is significant pressure on IT functions to adapt quickly.  Outsourcing to an IT architecture service provider helps your organisation’s IT function to achieve this.  Below we have listed 9 of the most common areas where enterprise and… Read more »

Agile, it’s more than a framework

Tuesday June 9th, 2020

An Agile mindset can propel organisations to a place where they have the agility to not only react to changing market conditions (such as COVID-19) but to be leaders in their industry and be ahead of the curve. By using an Agile Scrum framework, which is a tried and tested industry-standard method, you can produce… Read more »

The evolution of the Buy vs Build debate

Thursday May 21st, 2020

In the past, the question of buying versus building an IT solution was framed as a decision between advantages for building (e.g. control, differentiation, and lower long-term costs), and those of buying (e.g. rapid implementation, roadmap developments, and lower short-term costs). Another consideration was around risk – both sides would argue their approach is less… Read more »

Legacy support and modernisation: reducing risk and cost, and enabling transformation

Thursday May 14th, 2020

A smooth path to modernise legacy systems is possible with the right approach, reducing support costs and modelling proven paths to success. Legacy applications can restrict business performance and agility. The cost of maintaining such systems can severely compromise strategic investments in critical areas impacting the ability to compete in a rapidly changing world. Although… Read more »

Technology – supporting the utilities sector throughout the coronavirus

Wednesday April 1st, 2020

As organisations in the utilities sector mobilise their pandemic response plans to ensure vital services continue without interruption, we look at some of the challenges presented by the current situation and how technology can provide fast and efficient business solutions. Workforce Management Organisations are noticing the knock-on effect of their workers self-isolating, parents having to… Read more »

Business reporting during the coronavirus pandemic

Monday March 30th, 2020

As businesses get into the swing of working remotely, thoughts move on to what the short, medium- and long-term impact of the coronavirus / COVID-19 will be on businesses and how you can accurately report its effect to enable real-world forecasting.  What policies, procedures and technology can be utilised to effectively monitor and actively pre-empt… Read more »