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The Client:

Zurich North America is part of Zurich Insurance Group, a leading multi-line insurer that serves its customers in global and local markets. With approximately 55,000 employees, Zurich provides a wide range of property and casualty, and life insurance products and services in more than 215 countries and territories.

The Challenge:

Zurich North America wanted to reduce the associated cost and operational risks surrounding their distribution platform for calculating and disbursing commissions, which was written in CA Gen. However, Zurich had very little in-house resource to support the code and therefore decided to migrate their CA Gen application (consisting of four models) to COBOL.

For this they needed a solution provider with extensive CA Gen knowledge and experience in major change projects to complete the CA Gen migration project, whilst ensuring that any business knowledge potentially lost through outsourcing throughout the years was obtained.

Additionally, the CA Gen migration project needed to span multiple geographies including the US, UK and India; provide functionally equivalent, hand-maintainable code; adhere to Zurich’s compliance and Quality Assurance protocols; and be delivered within a tight 12-month timeframe.

The Solution:

  • Discovery Exercise: The discovery exercise which utilised Jumar’s automated analysis tooling enabled Jumar to extract detailed information from the CA Gen models to support Zurich’s decision-making process and overcome any potential issues relating to lost business knowledge. The process provided an understanding of the scope, complexity, timeframe, process and challenges of a full CA Gen application migration.
  • Proof of Concept (POC): An initial POC was executed on a small portion of the CA Gen application to demonstrate the solution’s viability and identify any additional requirements.
  • Migrate CA Gen: A full migration utilised customised code generators to support Zurich’s unique company requirements. This was carried out in two delivery approaches: Five packages were provided in a phased approach to successfully deliver all batch elements into production. Online applications, however, were delivered using a big-bang approach to address existing application dependencies and reduce concerns over the complexity and risk of a phased approach of such a critical system.
  • Application tailoring following migration: Jumar used a ‘Post-Processing’ approach to implement further changes in migrated code such as implement site standards for non-Gen source code. As the structure and content was consistent, it was possible to implement changes across the whole code base.

“From Day 1, the Jumar team stepped in and understood the task at hand and was able to turn over the converted COBOL modules for testing promptly. The project was completed on time and we now are in a position where we have a large base of support people which eliminates the risk we had before. Our business now benefits from more resources who can support Distribution requests. It was a great team effort. Thank you, Jumar!”

Mike McCann, AVP Distribution Management Lead

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced cost and operational risk thanks to no further application dependency on CA Gen
  • A highly performant application
  • Successfully migrated within 9 months including warranty support
  • No loss of business or application knowledge
  • Easier to maintain and update in the future due to knowledge transfer and access to greater availability of COBOL skills

If you would like to know more about Zurich North America’s migration or to find out more about how to migrate CA Gen, contact us.