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Australian government department and mature CA Gen user, DTMR, wanted to engage a single supplier in order to outsource its BAU 3rd Line Support team, along with the ability to provide ad-hoc support for additional CA Gen development services.

Enter Jumar Technology – seasoned legacy technology specialists.

Jumar managed the smooth transition from DTMR’s in-house team to the new ‘follow-the-sun’ solution. With high-quality CA Gen resources in both Australia and the UK, DTMR was able to exploit the time zone differences, as its support team adopted a 24-hour approach.


Client Background

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) is a department of the Queensland Government and is responsible for planning, building and maintaining the state’s major roads. It includes customer service centres, marine operation bases and regional and divisional offices.

DTMR operate a number of applications to provide Registration and Licensing (R&L) services to the community. The business system used to provide these services, TRAILS, manages $2.8 billion in Queensland Government revenue, 3.4 million driver licences and 4.6 million vehicle registrations. It is the largest repository of personal information pertaining to Queenslanders in the state.


What was required

DTMR is a is a mature CA Gen user maintaining its Gen system with teams of skilled contractors – all of whom were engaged through a range of providers.

To address recognised risks with the current operating model a number of challenges had to be addressed:

  • Manage the transition of the team
  • Allow the team to respond to demands with more flexible and agile solutions
  • Protect against single points of failure
  • Obtain access to a suitably-skilled pool of resources
  • Simplify engagement model with external providers, to realise cost reductions and increase value for the business.

The focus of the initial requirement was the outsourcing of the current BAU team.

The team provide 3rd Line support to users of DTMR’s registrations and licensing system, TRAILS, implementing fixes for issues identified in the production system and also responding to business requests for data extracts from the production database.

The main skills provided by the BAU Team are CA Gen and Java. DTMR wanted to engage a single supplier to provide CA Gen resources for the BAU Team, along with the ability to provide ad-hoc support for additional CA Gen development services.


Jumar delivered

A ‘Follow the Sun’ team approach was proposed with some of the BAU Team being based at Jumar’s UK offices. This would enable the team to exploit the time-zone differences for delivery, where appropriate. Additionally, this approach would also enable DTMR to benefit from the commercial climate in both time zones.


Jumar worked very closely with DTMR and the incumbent BAU Team to define the new service and ensure a smooth transition that did not compromise the support provided by the team.

The capability of the team has been continually reviewed and reported to DTMR to illustrate the improving ability of the team to provide the support required. Regular reporting has enabled DTMR to confirm that the contract is being executed as expected and in line with expectations stated at the outset.

Alongside the provision of the BAU team, Jumar has also successfully resourced and implemented three additional development initiatives. The additional Statements of Work require Jumar to respond to DTMR within a two-week period, to identify suitable resources, ensure the work can start as stated in the additional Statements of Work and monitor progress as the assignments progress. All of the additional initiatives have been implemented successfully.


Solutions benefits

  •  A cost-effective, managed offering whereby the required number of suitably qualified staff were deployed to the client site and other global locations to provide a flexible, 24-hour CA Gen development centre.
  • Local presence: A locally-based (at the client’s main location) CA Gen-skilled contract manager, in addition to the resources, to manage, mentor and oversee those delivering the service.
  • Continuity of service by successfully managing the transition from the previous, in-house delivery model.
  • Retention of existing in-house skills where possible and cost-effective.
  • A reduction in management overhead by centralising resources through a single supplier.
  • Consistency of cost, with a fixed price offering over a number of years.
  • The highest-quality CA Gen resources, sourced from Jumar’s unparalleled, trusted global network (including the ability to rapidly deploy appropriate resources to ad-hoc projects). This is backed up with access to Jumar’s own teams of UK and internationally based CA Gen experts.
  • A centralised reporting and MI function from Jumar’s head office.
  • Swift (approx. one month) transition from in-house to an outsourced model.


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