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Jumar’s SharePoint services are designed to deliver the greatest Return On Investment on your SharePoint solution through the creation, review and modernisation of your system as well as providing end-user training to support higher levels of end-user adoption.

Jumar offers Microsoft SharePoint services which include the creation, modernisation and development of new functionality


Jumar Technology, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is geared to support organisations looking to maximise their SharePoint solution.  Whether you are an organisation that has SharePoint licences but have yet to utilise the solution, have an older version, or work with SharePoint as part of Office 365 or as a stand-alone system. Over the years, we have helped many organisations address key issues.  These include:

SharePoint Adoption:

As with any solution, making sure that it is used, and correctly, throughout the business is imperative to its success not only at its launch but months or years afterwards, especially as personnel within organisations change. To increase SharePoint adoption, businesses can:

  • Increase engagement with easier use, navigation and regular content
  • Minimise long, manual processes through automation
  • Ensure team working/collaboration is supported by your SharePoint technology
  • Provide training to give a clear overview of how it works and the benefits it can bring

Evolving Business needs:

As a business changes over time, so does the demands on your SharePoint solution.  Jumar can help you restructure and improve your SharePoint to address these needs.  This may involve:

  • Moving to the cloud as part of your digital transformation journey
  • Providing access to a multi-lingual intranet or across multiple sites as your business grows
  • Integration with new applications for a fully integrated digital solution
  • Offering greater connectivity and access across devices such as laptops, tablets and mobiles

Content management:

A common issue across organisations is managing and controlling how documents are stored and shared. Documents saved on personal/shared drives, in traditional document management systems, uploaded to other business solutions and shared via email all cause issues with version control.  Jumar can help you set-up and review how these documents can be managed within SharePoint to:

  • Limit redundant data
  • Avoid data duplication
  • And prevent data loss

Security and compliance:

Security and compliance are key concerns for many organisations, especially heavily audited industries such as public, insurance and financial services.  Jumar can help address concerns such as:

  • Data security by moving to the cloud
  • Permissions for internal & external parties
  • Audits and GDPR compliance

To help organisations get the most out of their collaboration and document management software, Jumar’s SharePoint services provides:

  • On-premise, hybrid or cloud-based SharePoint implementations
  • Enhancements or redesign of the SharePoint structure
  • Migration tools to support the transition to the latest version
  • Development to enhance existing functionality
  • Transition from a traditional server-based SharePoint system to Office 365
  • SharePoint Training

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