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Microsoft Power Apps is a platform to quickly create custom apps that work on laptops, tablets and mobiles to address organisational needs. Jumar leverages its experience in Microsoft technologies and development to advise businesses on the best use of their licence as well as create and/or update the most complex custom Power Apps.

Jumar provides expert advice and custom Power Apps

As technology advances so do the expectations of customers for access to products and services at any-time, anywhere.  To support these growing demands, organisations are looking to Power Apps to help speed up their application development.

Microsoft Power Apps overview

Microsoft Power Apps, enables organisations to quickly create custom applications and has been recognised as a leading choice in low-code platforms according to the Forrester Wave™ and Gartner.

These low-code applications can connect to a variety of data sources, services and on-premise software solutions such as Dynamics 365, Excel, Outlook, Oracle, SharePoint and Twitter, to name some of the most popular.

Together they can address common challenges and improve processes across businesses, such as:

  • First-line and mobile workers’ support: Employees on customer sites can submit report information for example: notes, return visit requirements and scheduling as well as the requesting new parts
  • Visitor registration: Visitors can sign-in on a tablet at the reception desk. An email is then instantly sent to inform the meeting host of their arrival. Sign-out information can also be captured, aiding the emergency fire evacuation lists.
  • Managing holiday requests: Annual leave can be requested and authorised via a mobile app
  • Submission of expenses: Enables employees to quickly and easily submit their expenses via their mobile phone and see the total amount and status of their claim.

Why use power Apps?

As seen with some of the Power App use cases above, with Power Apps businesses can:

  • Do more with their Office 365 licence to reduce the cost of development or the purchase of other software products
  • Be more responsive to business needs and market changes with faster deployment of applications
  • Reduce demands on the IT teams as they no longer need to manage who has access to specific apps
  • Increase the volume of innovation thanks to faster implementation times

Power Apps with Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)

For greater functionality, Power Apps can be further enhanced when combined with Power Automate.  Together, it has been shown to:

  • Improve the average business process efficiency by an average of 15% in year three
  • Reduce application development costs by 70%
  • Obtain 362% ROI over three years

Source: Microsoft

If your organisation would like to:

  • Receive expert advise on how to make the most of your existing licencing
  • Build on existing custom applications or consolidate them
  • Develop highly complex customised applications with the confidence that you are working with a Microsoft Gold Partner and power platform expert

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