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Fully integrated software solutions are key to obtaining a holistic real-time view of your business and its customers. Jumar’s expertise across industry leading CRM and ERP solutions and custom software developments, can help you achieve your digital transformation goals.

Digital transformation solutions


Businesses are often faced with the challenges of manual, error-prone work processes and information silos that can lead to poorly informed business decisions and unsatisfactory customer experiences.

Jumar’s Dynamics for Business solution, is designed to help organisations combat these challenges, by first understanding your strategic objectives. This is followed by a review of your business functions and their unique requirements to ensure that the best workflow and operational practices are in place.

Once identified, Jumar is able to implement and configure a range of industry leading applications and product suites or create bespoke/tailored solutions that can replace or integrate with your existing systems.

Custom software development

Jumar creates tailored solutions to suit your specific requirements, whether that is for an individual ‘cloud first’ application or core enterprise systems, all of which are carried out with our end-to-end governance led approach.

Industry leading CRM & ERP Solutions

ERP and CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics are ideal options for businesses looking for widely recognised solutions that can be implemented quickly. Our business consultants can configure these packages to ensure they meet your business needs, as well as providing the after care support options that suit. These solutions empower:

By going through a digital transformation, you can:

  • Benefit from modern, stable applications that remove operational risk & prevent frustration
  • Obtain a fully integrated view of your business
  • Further develop customer relations as a result of better business processes
  • Save time, reduce monotony & improve accuracy with process automation
  • Improve internal & external communication
  • Identify new / existing trends and predict customer and market change
  • Aid collaboration amongst employees & enable them to work on the move
  • Enhance performance though greater corporate governance & regulatory compliance


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