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Many businesses have bespoke IT systems which have, over the years, been extended and integrated with a number of 3rd party components, often with a high level of complexity.

This leads to a significant amount of interdependency, vendor lock-in and frustration amongst those who are subsequently tasked with making changes to those systems to align them with ever-developing business strategy.

The complexity and inflexibility of these systems can lead to the consumption of considerable internal resource in order to be able to fully understand the effect of applying any change to the system.

In our experience, it is not uncommon in such systems that making a simple change in one functional area of the system can introduce multiple defects elsewhere.

This lack of understanding of both the application and its interaction with the databases typically leads to the systems becoming unstable over time. Often, the business IT strategy is to move towards more modern, industry-standard technology, but in scenarios where even comparatively simple change projects can have such severe implications in terms of business and commercial risk, any form of major transformation is often considered unfeasible, or even unthinkable.

The solution and benefits

Jumar Technology has a proven track record in rapidly understanding these complex systems and third-party components – and then supporting and maintaining those systems while a replacement system is developed or a COTS package selected. Alternatively, while the system is now being safely supported, Jumar have experience in developing and executing a robust roadmap for the systems improvement and/or the transition to more maintainable technologies – such as to an industry standard three-tier architecture.

The approach

Jumar employs a five-stage process to safely transfer support of an entire application estate to our expert support centres.

The first stage in any engagement is for Jumar to become proficient in all areas of the legacy system (“deep diving” where necessary) and build up an empathy with all relevant stakeholders. Jumar has a track record in flexible delivery management and can take on responsibility for the running of the system, either in whole or in part.


Jumar’s proven processes in…

  •  Service take-on
  •  Understanding current landscape to a very detailed degree
  •  Service management

…are the result of the company’s long and successful history in supporting (and modernising where necessary) enterprise-level IT systems or all sizes in dozens of countries worldwide.

Ongoing relationships are underpinned by Jumar’s proven ability to provide support for organisations during any transition project – particularly where it involves a major operational and/or cultural change.

Benefits of the Jumar Application Support offering:

  • Reduces the total cost of ownership
  • Improves performance and stability of the system
  • Reduces risks associated with making changes to the system
  • Accelerates deployment time of any changes
  • Implements software control and release management
  • Allows clients to take control of their IT estate

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