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Our modernisation offering is typically delivered in one of two ways and is dependent on the risk-reward profile of the client.

Our heritage is underpinned by decades of large-scale enterprise-level modernisation of business-critical application portfolios. This acts as a foundation to all of our modernisation projects.

Typical modernisation approaches

  1. Support and development capabilities are combined to incrementally modernise a system while maintaining it.
  2.  The project is conducted as a standalone initiative to provide maximum business value within risk and cost parameters.

When addressing a large tightly-coupled estate, incremental modernisation may be preferred. In these situations, we would look to look to use our proven processes to rationalise and simplify the estate by deconstructing the system into more easily manageable components. Each can then be exposed and integrated with more modern UIs, mobile apps, and/or COTS packages.

Where it is feasible to undertake a more rapid transformation of the system, we would review the existing system and identify opportunities for the proportionate re-use of components to accelerate delivery. The same componentisation techniques, used for more complex estates, would be applied in these scenarios, and the remaining requirements would be fulfilled by a combination of bespoke application and COTS packages where required.

Our standard engagement model will support the creation of a development roadmap, which will balance timescales, commercial constraints and risk to deliver on the required business outcomes.

Modernising legacy technology

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