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Jumar’s consultative approach to development enables us to truly understand – and deliver on – your business need.

Jumar prides itself on listening first – supporting our clients in the creation of their initial vision.

This approach has been proven to build a strong foundation for the creation of enterprise-level, robust, secure, quality systems – while constantly monitoring, defining and continually improving delivery throughput and quality. We are driven to consistently exceed expectations on delivery throughput, velocity and quality metrics.

For more than two decades, we have delivered innovative software development projects for large corporates, mid-level enterprise clients, SMEs, and Government Departments; not just in the UK, but across the world.

Our capability is driven by a proven set of processes and best practice, which create quality, timely meaningful deliveries.

Jumar’s philosophy is that change is inevitable. We, therefore, support your organisation to proactively shape the IT strategy to best support change, while collaboratively delivering on YOUR desired business outcomes.

Our heritage in enterprise level application development underpins our extensive capabilities around the development of B2C, B2B or internal solutions, regardless of the architecture (web-based, cloud, proprietary, GUI etc.)

This ‘digitalisation’ empowers our clients’ and their end-users to self-serve, benefit from better MI and control, improve customer retention rates and dramatically increase operational efficiency.

Employing Agile development methodologies where possible (and appropriate), Jumar has expertise in a wide range of technologies with particular expertise around the Microsoft suite of development languages and platforms including C#/.NET, SQL Server etc.

Jumar focuses on the business problem to be solved rather than employing technology for technology’s sake.  This ensures that all solutions are fit for purpose, offer value and are future-compatible.

Let us help you solve your project challenges.

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