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Jumar provides enterprise-scale CA Gen support, modernisation and migration solutions worldwide thanks to a team of experts with over 25 year’s CA Gen experience and its own CA Gen automation software, Jumar MAPS.

Jumar's CA Gen solutions include: support, modernisation and migration


As a world leader in CA Gen (formerly known as IEF, Composer, COOL:Gen, Advantage:Gen and AllFusion Gen), Jumar understands that many business-critical CA Gen applications that were first developed in the 1980s and 1990s no-longer address the technical demands of today.  These include gaining real-time insight from large data volumes, providing greater cloud connectivity or protecting against cyber security threats. Consequently, IT departments are under increasing pressure to migrate, re-architect, re-interface, upgrade, re-platform, expose and integrate their back-office applications.

Jumar’s experts together with our unique CA Gen automation software can help your organisation to achieve these objectives whilst decreasing the risks of modernisation or migration and accelerate your digital transformation.

With Jumar’s CA Gen Solutions you will:

  • Obtain faster Return On Investment (ROI) – Obtain a ROI within 2 years when migrating to a new platform
  • Complete projects faster – In comparison to manual processes it is 14x faster to modernise CA Gen applications and 6x faster when migrating to a new technology
  • Reduce transformation costs – It is 14x cheaper to modernise than with manual processes and 5 x cheaper when migrating
  • Reduce commercial and project risks – Thanks to accurate scoping, estimation and planning with phased implementation.  Additionally, you avoid the risk of increasing employment costs for a dwindling skills base
  • Receive accurate, functionally equivalent, hand-maintainable code – Code generated by CA Gen is not designed to be hand-maintained, however unlike code parsing solutions Jumar can create accurate, hand-maintainable code that offers the same functionality as the original solution
  • Free-up your IT staff – Utilising Jumar’s pool of 200+ CA Gen experts can reduce the demands on your organisation’s development resources.  Our implementation approach also enables your organisation to carry-out multiple projects in tandem

If you would like further information on our CA Gen support, modernisation and migration capabilities, or to know about our other legacy modernisation solutions contact us.

CA Gen Solutions – FAQ

Below are some of the commonly asked questions we receive, broken down into categories:

CA Gen migration case-study

An international finance organisation approached Jumar to migrate its CA Gen estate to COBOL. The drive behind this was to reduce dependence on declining skills base, mitigate the risk of increased costs and standardise technology.

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CA Gen upgrade case-study

Jumar worked with the State of New Mexico Human Services department to enable it to upgrade its CA Gen application system (and supporting environments), which is used by the State to manage various child support functions.

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