Podcasts are a great way to stay educated and informed. As episodes are available on-demand, you can work them around your day to suit you. Many professionals are using podcasts to help with their professional development, learning from inspirational speakers and experts in their field.

We’ve rounded up what we think are the best technology podcasts for you to listen to in 2018.


This Week in Tech (TWiT)

Hosted by Leo Laporte, TWiT looks at the latest news and trends in the tech world with seasoned experts and journalists. Episodes include topics such as ‘the impact of GDPR’, ‘government’s response to cyber attacks’, ‘net neutrality’ and ‘Brexit fallout’.

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Tech News Weekly

Megan Morrone and Jason Howell deliver weekly top tech news with in-depth analysis on how it affects the world. The show includes interviews with tech journalists who ‘make or break the top stories of the week.’

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TEDTalks Technology

These TEDTalks podcasts are designed for quick digestion, with most recordings around ten minutes long. Since topics covered vary from machine learning to building a jet suit, presented by a different expert every week, you can dip in and out of episodes that interest you easily without the need to follow any sort of order.

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Tech Tent

Hosted by BBC technology editor Rory Celllan-Jones, Tech Tent gathers various academics to discuss the latest goings-on in the world of technology. The podcast is approachable for those who are from a non-technical background, but at the same time, the depth and breadth of conversation also appeals to those who are more tech-savvy.

Listen on iTunes here.



Ben Thompson publishes a popular weekly newsletter covering the business and strategy of technology. Exponent is a podcast hosted by James Allworth and Ben Thompson to discuss Thompson’s analysis of the latest tech news.

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This weekly podcast is presented by technology and communications advisor, Matt Ballantine, and former CIO UK top 100, Chris Weston. Each episode spends 40 minutes in conversation with guests covering a whole range of political and technological issues that affect businesses in the UK.

Listen on iTunes here. 


We’re big fans of podcasts here at Jumar. If you have a favourite that didn’t make our list, please feel free to get in touch so we can add it to our playlist.

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